Easy Way to Get WSOP Free Chips

WSOP Free Chips

There is a clear problem with the WSOP app. We all know it. It’s that so many players get their coins through purchases. Which in turn makes it very hard to play.

However, it also offers good opportunities to win lots of WSOP free chips. But it’s all in the way you play.

WSOP Free Chips Guide – Poker 101

In poker, the key is to develop a strategy by adjusting to your opponents. WSOP is different. Play money poker players in general don’t have spectacular perception. You need a strategy, but it can be solely focused on your own style.

The question is, can you scare other players off pots? Needless to say, in a game where there are plenty of loose players, aggressiveness in pots should be saved for special occasions.

In short:

  • Play extra tight pre-flopWSOP Free Chips Guide
  • When you enter a pot, play aggressively. Other players will use big bets to scare you off.
  • At the same time, look for opponents who might be scared off pots on the Turn or the River.
  • Don’t worry if someone wins a pot with offsuit 10-2 or 7-2. These players will rarely hit a decent flop.

Other Ways to Get WSOP free chips

You will undoubtedly experience a lot of swings at the WSOP tables.  So, whenever you have a chance to get free chips, use it.

Daily and hourly bonuses are superb. There are a lot of WSOP free chips to be made if you visit the app every few hours or so.

Facebook is not only a social network. In WSOP terms, it’s a free coin tool. If you connect your account to Facebook, you will get a decent gift (250,000 coins). But, more importantly, you will have the ability to connect with other players and start sharing coin gifts. While it is time-consuming, it can help you a lot during downswings.

Ways to Get WSOP free chipsFollow WSOP promotions. WSOP is not only about poker. It’s a lot of it, but not all. For example, daily missions.

Often, they take you little effort, while also offering a decent return on your time. Weekly missions are a bit harder, but the rewards are greater, as well.

Various collections take a lot of time. But if you follow advice in this guide, you will be able to fill your collections with every item available. And trust me, it’s well worth the effort.

Mini-games are a good source for WSOP free chips. During these mini-games you’ll sharpen your poker skills, improve your memory, and earn free coins. Plus, it’s suitable for beginners as there are no big swings here.

Overall, WSOP is a unanimous #1 app for poker players. It’s massive in terms of player numbers, features, cash games, tournaments, rewards, and everything in between.

The only thing to remember is that you should play it like real money poker games. Don’t throw your 50 percent of your bankroll in a crazy bluff. Focus on building your bankroll and, soon you will hold the coveted WSOP bracelet.