Different Poker Games

Different Poker Games: Top 5 Poker game types

Here you can discover the best poker games to play – from the simplest to the most complicated

Different poker games can sometimes bring a bit of confusion with their rules, especially for beginners. Below we will review some of the most popular poker game variations.

  1. The most popular and known poker game in the world Texas Holdem was born precisely in State of Texas, United States, in 1900, but obtained its “explosion” of popularity when it arrived in the city of Las Vegas, in the 60s.

Now, in fact, that is the same goal of almost all different poker games that exist. But, the ranking of hands of the modality of Texas Holdem, of the highest the lower one, is the Maximum Royal Flush, the Royal Flush, the Poker, Full, Color, Ladder, Trio, Double Pair, Couple and the Higher Charter.

The ranking of the cards in this mode of poker, from the highest to the lowest, is As, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2, which is different from the already mentioned ranking of hands. The different poker games have their owns rankings.

  1. Omaha, in turn, is a variant of Texas Holdem, but they differ in that they are dealt four cards instead of two. In addition, players are required to use two of their cover letters and three of the five common cards, until they make a five card play. A very common game, known and practiced, is the “Pot-limit Omaha”, also called “PLO”.

In this, you must choose 2 + 3 cards out of a total of 9 (4 + 5). Therefore, you will have many combinations that you can win or, what is the same, there are many winning combinations. It is a game “The Nuts” which means “Have the best play possible”.

Stude Poker is one of the most known and practiced modalities

  1. On Stud Poker, in turn, it is necessary to say that it is much less common and less practiced, if we consider, above all, the amateur players. In this modality there are no community cards since each of the players will have in front of them a series of cards, that is, some discovered and others covered. This mode of poker is also distinguished because it does not influence the factor of the position since it will start speaking the player who has a better hand in his cards discovered.
  2. Seven-card stud: until Texas Holdem appeared, that was the mode that prevailed in many of the United States casinos. Also note that it is usually between 2 and 8 players because there is a greater number of cards to distribute among the players involved in the game. In the mode called “Mixed games” or “H. O. R. S. E”, it is customary to play in “Limit”.

First, three initial cards are dealt: two of them uncovered and one cover for each player. The participant with the best play that is shown on the table by his two cards discovered is the one that starts betting. Then, in case there are two better and equal combinations, the player who is closest to the dealer will start in a clockwise direction.

A color classification normally has the following order: the Clovers, the Diamonds, the Hearts and the Spades 

  1. But it is also possible to play with the mode called “Bring-in”, in which it starts forced to bet a minimum, that player who has the lowest card of the two that were discovered. We clarify, however, that in case there is the same range of letter, there is a ranking of colors that usually has the following order: the Clovers (the lowest range), the Diamonds, the Hearts and the Spades (the highest rank).

Then, after the first round of betting, after the first three cards, a fourth card will be opened that will be uncovered, for each of the players who continue in the game of poker, clarifying that it is not about “Community cards”. Follow the bet and then the fifth card uncovered for each participant who continues to play.

Subsequently, the bet is placed (again) and the sixth card uncovered, the bet is placed again, and the seventh card is presented, which, if applicable, will be covered, which will give rise to the fifth (and last) round of bets, before the eventual “Showdown”, in case it is possible to equal a last bet in this, that is an into the different  games.

Thus, in total, at the end of the game, each participant who has reached the last round will have two cards covered, four uncovered and one covered, for a total of seven cards. It is a game of the most fun and intense, so, since you have learned, you should not expect to play right away.

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