Open Face Chinese Poker Pineapple

Open Face Chinese Poker Pineapple – How to play the game

A popular variant, of course, Open Face Chinese, is a modality that has been called “Pineapple”. The main difference of open face chinese poker pineapple with the standard game is that cards are dealt after the first round. In the Pineapple players receive them 3 in 3, while in the standard OFC they are received one by one.

Of the 3 cards that are received, the player must place 2 of them in the hands, while discards the third. Then, the main difference is that while in the standard OFC there are 9 rounds, ie, the first of 5 cards and the rest, one in one, in the Pineapple there are only 5.

In addition, in the Pineapple, during the next 4 rounds, 2 cards are received each time, being a difference quite noticeable with respect to the standard game. It is necessary to clarify to us, also, that in the Pineapple the player receives 17 letters in total and not 13, in view of that they discard 4.

These 4 cards are discarded as follows: one card for each of the rounds in which they are received 3. Then, given that each player receives more cards in total, the maximum number of players is 3, in the funny game Pineapple OFC. We know that you are understanding what we have explained so far

Other clarifications

We have tried to be as clear as possible and, therefore, we hope you are understanding well so that you can have fun sooner than later with this great game. Let’s continue, then, to say that, in what has to do with punctuation, fantasyland and royalties, the same rules of the game that apply for standard OFC are followed.

The fun Pineapple variant is faster, which makes it more exciting, while players have a greater number of options since it is possible to discard cards. For the above and for everything we have explained since the beginning, it is the variant that is generating more emotion on the internet.

As we know that you are already enthusiastic to start playing as soon as possible, we will formulate some additional explanations. Thus, for example, we have that in Pineapple each one of the players receives the series of letters that we already explained to you, but in order to arrange 13 of those cards in a layout in order to form 3 different poker hands.

In the Pineapple mode of Open Face Chinese Poker, multiple cards are displayed at once


We are going to explain in more detail, because we are sure that, as you understand this fabulous game better, you will be encouraged to play today or, at the latest, tomorrow. In the standard Open Face Chinese Poker, the cards are dealt individually after the first round. In contrast, the open face chinese poker pineapple shows multiple cards at once. It’s a notorious difference, really.

Players must choose between two options: to play some cards or, well, to discard others while they are distributing the respective shifts. As we know that you are already understanding much better, you know that this entertaining game is practiced between two or, if desired, between three at the most.

During a hand, each player arranges their initial cards in the row layout, in such a way that 3 poker hands are formed, sorted ascendingly. These hands that we just explained are called “superior”, “average” and “inferior”, which we will explain next. The “top” hand is a 3 card poker hand, which can be classified as a high card, a pair or if you prefer a card.

These are the only options. As far as the “middle” hand is concerned, we will tell you that it is a standard 5 card poker hand. In addition, it should have a higher rating than the “superior” hand, to which we have just. In conclusion: this is a pretty fun game. So much so, it is the most popular mode is acquiring on the internet. Dare to play it right now! Here is more info on open face chinese poker pineapple:

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